NanoverseHQ AMA Summary — 23.01.2022

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Credit: boopboop#3823 on Discord for summarizing the whole AMA stream!

Disclaimer: The whole AMA is in my own words and is of no affiliation to the Nanopass/PxN/0xygen Labs team Skip to the bottom of the doc for a tldr.

Pre-AMA chill

1:28 — Confirmation that Rei is on crack 1:45 — Pris complaining that she’s not as sexy as Rei’s voice (Facts) 3:03 — Veezy doing a Veezy 5:54 — AMA starts

Question 1 : How easy is it to be whitelisted for phase 2 or buy one of the Agents on the market?

455 WL with no confirmation on collection size — guessing that this will be hard to get in on for a WL spot and secondary will depend on the market at the time and how much you’re willing to pay.

It is understandable that people will feel left out and we will try to accommodate. Once the platform and collection matures, we will be releasing cheaper collections that are bigger in size so more people can invest in the ecosystem.

The most value will go to Nanopass holders as they were supporters from day 1.

Question 2: How many frags are roughly needed? Are you able to sell the frags and are we on time for phase 2 release?

5–8/10 frags are required to change the name of the agent. For example, when you talk to your agent you can call it by the name you customized it to instead of current AI’s like Siri whose name can’t be changed.

As for the second question, firstly we will be rolling out an update that lets you transfer fragments from one account to another. We will then create a mini stock exchange with an automatic market maker where you can buy and sell openly. This is to allow those who have an excess of fragments to sell them and allow those who don’t due to either being unlucky or only holding an agent to buy them.

Question 3: Will the agents be able to be used in any Metaverse and what kind of work experience does the team have prior to this?

Holders will be given the 3D files but whatever happens in other Metaverses is out of our control. What we can control is who we let into our Metaverse while it’s still in its alpha/testing phases. A world that can contain both voxels and high poly 3D models is not feasible. So in order to maintain a certain level of quality it won’t be fully open. We will still give fully rigged models of agents but going into other Metaverses is not up to us.

ALPHA LEAK: Nano has been in full hiring mode after Christmas. Still hiring but so far around 30 have been hired. The AI department has hired a ML expert from [redacted] that does algorithms and modelling for autonomous driving. The team has also hired a Google engineer who specializes in algorithms. Data scientists and researchers have also been hired.

The core team has been gathered and now it is about adding on additional people to work on the algorithms when the initial codebase is completed. We have been talking to the AI every day and (Rei !slums) it’s pretty fucking POG (my words not his).

The AI is able to extrapolate level 2/3 concepts from a single prompt and give a piece of writing that makes sense 70% of the time. The problem with the neural network model is that it is unreliable and we are trying to turn that into an advantage instead of a disadvantage. A lot of progress have been made in the past 2 week.

Pris proceeds to be !boolish on the AI.

Question 4: Will the AI require certain hardware specifications to enable it to run smoothly?

Yes it requires certain computational power. It is built in unity and while graphics can be turned down in settings, you need to be able to run at minimum decent games like League of Legends.

It is being built to be compatible on both Mac and Windows.

Question 5: Will Nanopass be involved in either PxN or Oxygenlabs?

Nano is a Metaverse play broken down into phases.

Starting with land in phase 1. Phase 2 will be agents acting as an avatar that can interact with the environment like video streaming. Phase 3 will be combining both the land and the agents into a single platform. We are building something that hasn’t been seen in any other project so far.

Compared to something like Sandbox which just provides the platform and that’s it, the AI will be able to act as shop keeps with a base level of intelligence which can fulfil a certain level of customer service. Basically we are going to put a massive amount of utility into our base token to build up cred and have other projects approach Nanos launchpad (0xygen Labs) and integrate some form of utility to $BITZ token in their own projects.

Question 6: Do we own our agents IP rights?

Yes, Master Pants is handling it and is drafting it out. Similar to the BAYC situation.

It’s a win-win situation. I don’t get why we would want to control anyone’s usage of the IP (I was ready to !slum for Rei at this point.)

It gives us so much more exposure as well because you will be able to do your own things like animations with your AIs. Vtubing will enable those who want to stream but who are for example too shy, to create content using these avatars. Vtubers will then be able to expose their communities/fans to the Nano AIs which will give Nano even more exposure without having Nano spend a single dime. Rei is collecting an army of Vtubers.

Question 7: What are fragments for?

They are for customizing your agents and upgrading their intelligence aka, adding features to them.

Once we are closer to phase 2, we want to try using our model to farm WL with on a Discord and see if we can actually achieve it without being caught. The community will be able to decide on the features of the agents. The features will be sold back to us in terms of fragments. Basically a self-sustaining economy — similar to a skill tree that you can customize based on the features you want your agent to have.

Question 8: How many fragments for maxed out agent?

No confirmation on this yet. You will be starting with a basic model which has a very base level of intelligence which can say good morning or tell you about the weather in your area. As time goes on and collect fragments more aspects will be developed and released.

The AI has so far been structured to be able to produce a certain level of intelligence already but more training needs to be done. A demo for a chat with the current AI on Nano website is being pushed for before launch.

Time needs to be given to the team to produce each feature. Plan is to release something new each month to sustain interest and hype. New cosmetics can be dropped at the same time as the different teams work independently to each other.

Question 9: Question on data privacy/data collection

One of the biggest issues with the current AIs (like Siri) is that they don’t retain the conversations you have with them so they not as personal as you would hope. Data needs to be collected by your agent to allow it to grow to learn more about you and hence feel more like a companion.

Part of the software you download with the AI will collect and store this data locally on your machine. If data needs to be pulled by the team for training, the data will be anonymous. The data will not be permanently stored as well so there is no one in direct contact with that data. Things like your name/location is separate from that and access to this is not given at any time.

Question 10: What is the utility of holding a Nanopass after the whitelist for Phase 2?

Rei explains that people are sleeping on the fact that the team never considered having royalties as the way to sustain the [BLACK BOXES] in the first place and it was to deliver value to those who believed at the start.

USDC was already secured to ensure development no matter what happens to the market. Digital goods are also cheap to produce and value is able to be injected into these boxes via cosmetics and assets of the land. Basically [BLACK BOX] > normie giveaways kek.

Also 1 Nanopass = 1 WL mint for phase 2. Want more? Buy more. (NFA)

Credit given to Yuri for her hard work securing WL for black boxes. Queen Yuri is Queen Yuri. All ya simps better fucking bow down. Queen slays hard. Smaller projects also have been able to collab with Nano and gain traction. The only negative is no Yuri we are all sed am I right?

Question 11: Are the blackboxes rigged” (Whoever asked this gonna catch my hands. Announcements have been made about this many times)

No they are not rigged, fully open for anyone to see on GitHub.

Question 12: Wen next phase?

We are on track but generating quality 3d models takes time. Not something which can be built in a day. New Year’s period also caused a lag in development.

Chinese New Year coming up is also going to cause a block with was not foreseen but we are okay for March launch. Downtime has been insane for art staff but understandable just due to bad timing.

Question 13: Are we able to access the AI through our mobile?

Yes but definitely not anytime soon. Looking to implement AR for mobile so agents can run around.

Question 14: Will you be hiring some part-time artists? Or other casual jobs, if so, how may we apply?

Yes we always need content. Put in fine art channel or contact us directly so we can check if we can work together. Submitting a ticket would be the best way to apply. Most hires for tech team have been from the community which is preferred as a holder.

Question 15: Will agents be tradeable on OpenSea? Upon selling the data’s will be wiped automatically? How about transferring between our personal wallets?

Your personal data is stored locally so not passed on to someone else. If you want to transfer it to another wallet, you can store your data in a hard drive and inject it back to your AI.

The upgrades the AI has won’t be wiped and will be retained by AI if sold on the market

Question 16: Will the AI be able to speak multiple languages?

Yes but it is not to be focused on in the short run as we want to take it to market first with a ready product before we branch out to other languages.

Question 17: Can we have access to the alpha reports in the Nanopass discord through submitting of a form that states we fully understand the risk and to do our own research

The current nomination system is already a good workaround which really helps to weed out the people who basically attempted to cyber bully Takoa.

He worked so hard for you and yet those that didn’t bother to do their own research attacked him. (This is ONCE AGAIN my own words).

Question 18: Is there a liquidity pool for the $BITZ token?

- We can definitely do it but the amount of manpower needed at the moment is not feasible. We will be looking into doing an ICO/IDO where several different exchanges will buy a number of tokens to lock up and provide the liquidity pools. It is a route we will be going down.

Question 19: For when you mentioned the data collection turning into anonymous when it goes to your database. Will there be an option or a ping that tells us when it happens? And if we can turn off the ability to share the data or not?”

The reward system is going to be where people that want to participate will be rewarded in $BITZ. i.e flag an error with AI and feedback to the team after collating that data.

So if you help out you can be rewarded. Even then the data is anonymous. You won’t be doxxed.

Question 20: What is the estimate mint price for Nano Phase 2?

Seeing that the current market is absolute dogshit, we can’t say for sure as obviously a certain amount of funds is needed to develop the project. Yes guys FIAT is still a thing. Not just ETH.

Question 21: Will merch will be available from the [BLACK BOXES]?

Yes we have hired a Creative lead that owns her own fashion brand, we will be releasing a leak officially soon.

Question 22: What does 0xygen Labs do?

Basically it’s a Launchpad by Nano.

Question 23: How can your AI be misused in the future and how do you expect to tackle this?

I don’t think it’s possible to misuse an AI? Not a clear question



Question 25: Will there be collabs with other good projects for instance special benefits given to holders of other projects?

Yes we can contact the other projects and work from there.

Question 26: Can we do a custom voice pack for our AIs like a voice pack of my wife?

Yes depending on if enough of the community wants it and we have enough resources for it.

Question 27: How much of an impact did ‘Shelter’ have on this project?

A major role in the conceptualization of this project.

Question 28: Can we stack WL like win a WL through a giveaway and be holder at the same time? (other than the fact that having more Nanopasses = more WL)

More thought needs to be given to this as taking away a WL from someone who won it in a giveaway also makes zero sense, we are looking to increase the number of WL spots but we don’t want to dilute it too much.

Question 29: Can our AIs solve things that is shown on the screen? E.G 1+1=? On the browser?

Yes we can do a browser extension but also the agent needs to know where to look on the screen itself. Possibly a command and you can highlight on the screen what you want to solve but this is up to the community as well.

Question 30: How many of the team is moving to Bali?

Pris is going first as she is a citizen and will set up the company so work visas can be given to the rest of the team to come in.

Question 31: Can you talk a bit about the algorithms that is going to be the engine? Is the language module going to be based on GPT3? Will it have attention modelling?

And how much permissions will it have on our computer (because I think it’s a tradeoff between permissions and the tasks the AI can actually do). How do you see the balance in that?

The more permissions given the more the AI can do for you, so it is up to the community to guide us on this aspect. I don’t want to arbitrarily say a set number of permissions that the AI will need to have. The community will decide but the option to opt into it will be up to you personally and you can choose to opt into it or not.

There’s 2 ways to building a chat AI.

1. Neural network based model. Very complicated. It’s good at random things which would make sense because it’s like a real conversation but it’s not consistent.

2. Rules based system that acts on keywords and gives answers. Yea it’s very consistent but it would feel very static given the fact that has set answers to certain keywords. We are going to build the AI that has multiple layers. Your input will be categorized into different aspects. e.g. creative input will go towards the neur network while mathematical input will go to the rules based system. Basically a filtration system.

Question 32: Is this a general purpose AI?

TLDR: Nope the world is still 5–10 years away from this technology

Question 33: Can we have some more information regarding the Phantom Network? Do Nanopass holders get access to it?

Both the Nano AI and PxN is in the same universe. PxN utility is almost or on the same level as Nano. Basically what is a browser experience in Web3. People say things like Metamask is Web3 but its basically just web2 with bells and whistles (I started !slumming at this point cause I’m a nerd about these things. ME not Rei but ME)

PxN WL is also gonna be dropped in the [BLACK BOXES] so you will have a chance at WL if you don’t get into the server. Also if you own an agent/Nanopass you will be able to use PxNs utility anyway because they are in the same universe.

Question 34: what’s the reward for being in the OG Nano server?

Phase 2.5 that is another collection where you will be automatically WL for that project.

Question 35: What is the benefit of holding diff styles of Nanopass lands? Like Fantasy over Space Station”

- Nah no difference and rarity for Nanopass land does not matter.

DISCLAIMER: Once again this is in my own words and not the Nano/PxN team TLDR: Rei is basically a maxed out runescape character. I am !boolish




5,555 plots of land in the Nanoverse that double as an early access pass for future phases of the project