2 min readFeb 16, 2022

As you guys know, The Nanoverse is a multi phased plan to build up our own metaverse.

In order for this to happen, our brand and IP needs to grow into an all encompassing ecosystem: PXN is one example of a spin-off project that shares our universe.

NANOVERSE Monogram — An example of design elements that will be shared throughout the entire brand umbrella.

PXN is essentially a separate, standalone project that happens to exist within the our shared universe. Think about it like Iron Man and Spiderman; they may be different franchises but they’re both part of the MCU.

The two franchises will certainly have opportunities to interact with each other to create absolute star studded pieces like the Avengers movies.

The point of building an overarching IP is so that there is no wastage!

The synergistic results of any mash ups, result in something that is far greater than the individual parts.

To achieve an immersive world, I would argue that it is the small details that actually end up mattering the most.

A fully fleshed our universe would have its own laws, culture, and logic.

So I introduce to you guys: BANii

A cute and poppy fashion brand that you will see in both in Nano Phase II and PXN.

Left to right, top (1, 2, 3)/bottom (4 ,5, 6).

BANii is just one of the many small steps that we are taking to ensure continuity and a small overview of my internal thought processes when planning for the entire Nanoverse at large ;)

So, which version of BANii is your favorite?

- Agent #0 Rei




5,555 plots of land in the Nanoverse that double as an early access pass for future phases of the project